Security Cameras/CCTV

Master Locksmith’s security camera installations are done by professional installers that have an extensive expertise in the business of security.

Our selection of security cameras is based on several factors. A site survey is necessary to determine where exactly each camera is to be installed and what type of camera is the most appropriate for that location. 

With the customer feed regarding his needs of coverage - field of view - and our vast expertise, we can determine the most appropriate type of camera to be installed and its location. We can determine if the security camera is meant to be a deterrent, to be obvious and send the message “ you’re being watched and recorded”. These type of cameras makes people aware and can sometimes prevent a criminal activity.

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The more discrete cameras, semi discrete dome type – can be installed in restaurants, where people (customers) may not like to know they’re on camera. Hidden cameras are meant more for catching rather than preventing the wrong doing. Most of the time business owners would like cameras that prevent the wrong doing, then to catch it.
Catching means sometimes firing someone and firing leads to hiring new staff, this may become very stressful and time consuming… so, they rationalize, “I better prevent then catch but at the same time I don’t want the cameras to be too obvious to the customers.”